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Director/Editor | Devised dance film | 2023

GAP | GẶP is a collaboration between queer performance artists Harry Maberly in Glasgow, UK and Hồ Nguyễn Hải Đăng (Dan Ni) in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, directed by Hồng Anh Nguyễn. It is a digital duet exploring connection, distance and the role of digital intimacy in contemporary UK & Vietnamese queer culture. Through choreographic innovations and film-editing techniques we will transpose two isolated performances, by queer performers in Vietnam and the UK, into a shared online ‘space’. A website will exist explicitly to observe these two queer bodies as they navigate the tension of their digital proximity and physical distance. Accompanied by Séamus Ryan’s sound composition and transformed by the striking visual language of Bùi Nhất Nam’s costume design, the work explores the possibilities and limits of queer online intimacy through film.      

Performers: Harry Maberly, Dan Ni

Director of Photography: Nelisa Alcalde, Hoàng Lê

Funded by the Connections Through Culture UK-Southeast Asia Grant created by the British Council Vietnam

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