Stage Play | 2016

Today is the day when the law stops working.

Pornography by Simon Stephens is a play about the 7/7 London bombings in 2005. Yet, as the title suggests it is about so much more. A hard hitting piece more relevant now than ever before, a play of voices that struggle to be heard and are pushed by society to oppose moral boundaries. 


Writer: Simon Stephens

Stage Manager: Noora Muhonen

Production Manager: Emma Willett

Set Designer: Hannah Mutch

Light and Sound Designer: Dylan Holden

Produced by Cobweb Theatre Company

Cast: Maegan Hearons, Ryan Lithgow, Gael Thomson, Danny Lamb, Itsasso Etxeberria Monreal, Liana Mckenzie, Adum Bisset, Bronwyn Millar, Melanie Nunhofer, Iain McEwan

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