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Director/Editor | Devised Dance Film | 2023

GAP | GẶP, a short dance film directed by Nguyễn Hồng Anh, is a collaboration between two queer performance artists, Harry Maberly from Glasgow, UK, and Hồ Nguyễn Hải Đăng (Dan Ni) from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. This digital duet delves into the themes of connection, distance, and the significance of digital intimacy in contemporary UK and Vietnamese queer culture. Set in a stark, unadorned space devoid of geographical or cultural context, the dance unfolds as an online encounter between two strangers. At times resembling a mating dance, casual small talk and a heated exchange, the choreography takes us on a journey through a spectrum of different motions of interaction in this digital realm. Despite the complete absence of physical presence, the intention behind GAP | GẶP is to examine and challenge the boundaries of intimacy. This exploration of intimacy without physicality extends to the creative process itself, as the film was conceived and produced remotely during the pandemic. The artists collaborated from separate locations, coming together to craft an intimate dance duet beyond physical limitations.


Performers: Harry Maberly, Dan Ni

Producers: Cécile Levavasseur, Miriam Larrainzar,

Lê Hoàng Kim Ngân

Director of Photography: Nelisa Alcalde, Hoàng Lê

Costume Design: Bùi Nhất Nam

Original Music: Mémi

Funded by the Connections Through Culture UK-Southeast Asia Grant created by the British Council Vietnam

More about the project →

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