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Concept | Writer | Editor | Poetry Publication | 2021

Fuelled by an increase in constraints, coupled with a lack of connectivity, the parameters of the pandemic have heightened our sense of yearning — it can no longer be confined to just desires from one person to another, but instead has acquired a much larger multitude of existences. A person can yearn to be connected to their family, where they are loved, unconditionally. A person can yearn to be lost in the soothing setting of nature, surrounded by comfort and serenity. A person can yearn to be among a community where they can be accepted for who they are, and love who they love. Or yearning can be such an abstract concept, which cannot be defined by words alone.

[khát] invites you to contemplate and embrace the sensation of deep longing between and beyond these pages. Delicately populated with original written and visual work by Linh and Hồng Anh, this collection is a record of dialogues between two queer female voices, amidst the pandemic, during the rainy season in 2021 Saigon.

Funded by The Ignite Creativity Grant from the Goethe Institut Ho Chi Minh City

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